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Hobbitville has arranged free e-mail services for Hobbits!

Email Login

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E-mail Forwarding Alias

The Login panel above will take you to Hobbitville´s free web-based e-mail service, provided to Hobbitville.com by everyone.net.  The service is full featured, similar to other major Internet portals like Yahoo! or Hotmail.  The free addresses will look like: yourname@freemail.hobbitville.com

You will need to register to use the service, but don't worry, there are check boxes during registration to ensure you won't get junk mail (or leave it unchecked so that Hobbitville can contact you easily.)  Also, once you are registered, you will be able to use all the features of the Hobbitville Community message boards and chat service.

Hobbitville can also supply a yourname@hobbitville.com e-mail forwarding alias, which will work like this:

  1. ""yourname@hobbitville.com" is set to deliver ("forward") to any other e-mail address, i.e. "yourname@yahoo.com" or "yourname@freemail.hobbitville.com"
  2. you set the "reply-to" address in your e-mail preferences to be your @hobbitville.com alias (so that when someone "replies" to your e-mail, they reply to you @hobbitville.com ... an optional step, but really handy ...)
  3. when e-mail arrives at Hobbitville.com addressed to your forwarding alias, it is immediately redirected your "delivery" e-mail address.

Once your forwarding alias is active, you give out your Hobbitville.com alias as your permanent e-mail address.  Then you can change your forwarding delivery address as needed, for example, when you change Internet service providers and get a new e-mail account - if you belong to several websites that require registration, you'll come to appreciate this capability.

Forwarding is (almost) free for Hobbitville at the moment, so it is being extended as a free service to any interested hobbits.  Send e-mail to emailalias@hobbitville.com spelling out your desired Hobbitville forwarding alias (yourname@hobbitville.com) and the corresponding delivery e-mail address; we´ll  attempt to take care of it and send you email when your requested alias is active.

Lastly, an answer to an obvious question: why doesn't the web-based e-mail service use @hobbitville.com addresses, instead of the @freemail.hobbitville.com?

The answer is that this arrangement retains maximum flexibility.  For example, aliases can be created to use the free service, i.e. yourname@hobbitville.com forwards to yourname@freemail.hobbitville.com and you set the reply-to address appropriately.  Later, should you ever want to abandon the web-based service, you can redirect your forwarding alias and keep yourname@hobbitville.com active.

Additionally, this leaves Hobbitville with the flexibility to add similar, but different services in the future without conflict, whereas supporting @hobbitville.com addresses directly for the web-based service would have limited our options.